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Let your pets try one of our many incredible treats, including in store made ones! We make our own  vitamin-health jerky & sausage. These treats are made of human-grade Canadian beef ingredients. We also carry Blue Buffalo™, Zukes, Jones, Twizzies, Open Range and Greenies™ treats. Raw treats are also available to round out a well balanced diet for the utmost in pet nutrition.

Premium Food

Treat your dog to the best with our local and premium pet food infused with the best ingredients for optimum pet nutrition. We carry only premium pet food that comes mainly from Canadian distributors. Food is available in sizes up to 13kg bags. We also carry treat loaf, which is a small-breed, homemade, diet food. In addition to wet and dry food's we also carry raw food for an even more substantial increase in pet health.

Tasty Treats

Yoda Ready To Dive Into One Of Our Delicious Home Made Pup-Cakes!

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Pet Supplies

Premium Pet Foods & Tasty Treats!

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Give your pet a taste of heaven while improving overall pet health, with the scrumptious pet food and treats from Pet-i-Coat Junction in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. We carry wet, dry and raw food for both cats and dogs!

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