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What inspired Amanda to become a groomer is her love for animals. She has 13 years of grooming experience and has been with us for 7 years. Amanda has an excellent ability to read dog’s energy and body language; which makes her a wonderful groomer for puppies. She is extremely patient and loves puppy breath! Amanda has 3 dogs; Missy, a pit bull X, Kayla, a long haired Chihuahua and Daisy a Rottweiler X, her variety of dog breeds reflects her love for all shapes and sizes!




Meet Our Team!

We are a locally owned family business in Saskatoon, SK! We opened our doors over 10 years ago and have been striving for the betterment of your pets health ever since!  We offer professional all breed dog & cat grooming, premium local pet foods, a variety of treats & accessories as well as home made all natural treats! 

Nicky has known that she wanted to be a groomer since the age of 15, and took her grooming course at the age of 17. She has over 11 years of grooming experience and has been with our company for 10 years. She is excellent at breed specific haircuts, as well as hand scissoring. Nicky is also our resident cat groomer! Her favorite breed is Doberman. Nicky has 3 cats, Viper, Jag & Loki! In addition to dogs & cats, Nicky also does nails on guinea pigs, bunnies, and small rodents.

Becky has loved all animals since the day she was born, and has been around them her whole life living on a farm. Becky has been grooming dogs for 7 years and has been with us for 3. She loves all breeds of dogs, and is excellent with hand scissors and specialty cuts. Becky loves to see animals happy and healthy, and when she realized how keeping a dogs coat matt free and clean made them shine inside and out, she fell in love with grooming. She strives for the perfect cut, while still keeping the means of the dog in mind. She always says, “In the end, when the dog shines, I do too!” Becky’s favorite breeds are standard schnauzers and Bernese mountain dogs. Becky has 1 dog of her own, Oscar, a bulldog x pug!

Lisa is the owner of Pet-i-coat Junction. She has 16 years of experience grooming all breeds of dogs. She started grooming dogs out of her home, and when business boomed passed the point of at-home grooming’s, she opened Pet I Coat 10 years ago. Lisa loves a challenge, and is excellent with working with dogs who have grooming issues. With her patience; she helps to rehabilitate challenging dogs for a successful and happy grooming experience for the dog as well as herself. Her favourite breed is Shih Tzu’s.

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​​Courtney is the daughter of Lisa (Pet I Coat's owner) and has been a part of the company for 10 years, learning about grooming since a young age. She has been a full time groomer for 3 years now. She has happily followed in her mother’s footsteps. Courtney specializes in longer haircuts and hand scissors. Her favorite breeds are Pomeranian’s and Yorkshire terriers! Courtney owns 2 dogs herself, Pinga; a Brazilian terrier whom she rescued while in Brazil for vacation (who you may see quite often when visiting us here!) and Carmella, a Husky X Border Collie who is a local rescue!

Brooklyn & Marie are the Manager & Assistant Manager and the faces you will see up front! They make all the home-made treats that your furry friends know and love! If you have any questions regarding dog food, grooming or help picking out toys & treats these ladies are here to help!


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